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Transportation Services at WholeCare

Transportation Services: Getting your loved one there, safely and affordably.

Wheelchair Accessible Van and Car Transportation Assistance offered for all your every day needs throughout Middle Tennessee.

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Click the button to submit a transportation request online - a WholeCare transportation specialist will call you back quickly to schedule.

The business of daily life is a full time job.

Let us help your loved one stay active while you fulfill your commitments.

WholeCare Transportation Services

Your loved one should be seen by a doctor and you can’t get there, but an ambulance isn’t necessary.

Call us!

WholeCare provides your loved one with both competent care AND the invaluable independence that seniors crave – enabling a more fulfilled, happy, and healthy life.

Hand over your worries about heavy traffic, long wait times, and missed work hours.

We’ve got you covered!

A friendly face and a listening ear will greet your loved one and accompany them through each doorway. A helping hand – not a hired hand – offering the support your family needs.