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With a Quick Tap On an App, You Can Check on Your Aging Loved One

A smart solution for those far from elderly parents

With a quick tap on an app, Allison Dean Love can check on her 82-year-old mom.

Though she lives 500 miles away, she knows her mom is going about her day in Tennessee. And Love breathes easier.

But just five months ago, the gut-check reality of aging hit. Love’s daily email wasn’t answered and Mom hadn’t made her daily call to a nearby relative. She didn’t answer the phone.

Amelia Dean had collapsed on the floor from dehydration and was found by a nearby cousin as Love and her husband raced from South Carolina to Nashville.

On the way, Love sent a flurry of texts and made calls to family and friends. One of those calls was to cousin Lisa Dean, who told her about a new startup she might be interested in using. Love called immediately.

“I still remember where I was when I talked to Zack,” Love recalls.

Driving through Knoxville, she called Zachary Watson, CEO of Honey Co Homes, a new software and tech services provider that brings non-invasive safety technology into homes.

Her mom would be OK, but she can get dehydrated easily because of a health condition. Within 10 days, a motion detector connected to Honey Co software, and Love’s phone, was installed in every room of her house.

“This has brought so much comfort and peace of mind to me,” Love explains.

While home monitoring is not new, Honey Co Homes software and support offered Love a cohesive, non-invasive, no video approach. Mom and daughter both get what they need. Importantly, her mom doesn’t have to change any behavior.

Since, the family has also installed stove shut-off and easy-to-use communication. Love taps a button and says hello to her mom, who doesn’t have to do anything techie, just answer. It looks like an iPad, but is only accessible to Love and her mom.

“She doesn’t have to do anything. My face will appear and a light will come on. And she could always turn it off.”

Find out more about Honey Co, and how it can help you and your aging loved one here:

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