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Technology Devices for Seniors & Aging In Place

Belle the #1 Completely Mobile Alert Pendant

Belle the #1 Completely Mobile Alert Pendant

Our Belle is a true mobile alert system. Based on cellular technology, wearers of this small pendant can have access to emergency help regardless of their location. Simply wear this lightweight pendant and you’re in control. Help when you need it with a push of a button.

  • Completely wireless. No phone lines to worry about
  • Talk directly to the pendant. No need for a “base station.”
  • One of the smallest lightest unit on the market today
  • One-month battery life – When it’s time to re-charge, we’ll call you to remind you!
  • Water resistant
  • U-TDOA locator in case you’re lost.
eCare+Voice mobile personal emergency response system

eCare+Voice mobile personal emergency response system

(mPERS) with GPS enables seniors and individuals with special needs to live independently and call for help anytime and anywhere. An emergency SOS button quickly connects the user with emergency care specialists who can locate the user, dispatch local EMS, and relay user-provided information to first responders.

  • Works up to 4 days on a single charge
  • Small, lightweight and comfortable to wear and no base station needed
  • Two-way voice through the device
  • Single button connects the user with the call center
  • Works at home and away from home and can be located via GPS
  • Caregivers can locate the eCare+Voice user online with free mobile apps or by sending a text


If you or a family member requires regular medication, RxAlert can help. It is a reminder system to ensure mediations are taken and is on time. Set up is easy; just plug it in (12 hour batter back up). We establish a personal (and secure) web account. Your web account will be pre-activated and all you need to do is add your medications, doses and times you need to take them. We can help if needed. This creates a blueprint for your family member or pharmacist for filling the trays. From there, RxAlert does all of the work. No missed or untimely doses. The tray is easily inserted and the unit locks to avoid tampering. RxAlert is equipped with cellular technology used to communicate with our servers.

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