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A Better Approach to In Home Care

One of the things that sets Caregivers by WholeCare apart from other in home care companies is our unique approach to caregiving. We call it The WholeCare Difference and it’s helped us become one of the most trusted providers of in home care services in Nashville and Franklin, TN for over 17 years.
So, what is The WholeCare Difference?

It’s an integrated, holistic approach to caregiving. We believe, and our experience has shown, that taking care of the WHOLE person – body, mind and spirit – results in better care and increased satisfaction from our clients and the families we serve.

Here are some of the ways we implement The WholeCare Difference:

  • We do NOT use an answering service.  Our office staff answers our phone 24/7 and you will speak with someone that knows you and your loved one.
  • Personalized Care Plans – We coordinate with clients, families, medical professionals to create a care plan that accomplishes the goals and desires of our clients. We also factor in support networks (friends, church/spiritual, groups/clubs, etc)
  • Frequent communications with family about the Care Plan including updates and changes based on needs of client and input from caregivers
  • Home Visits – Our Family Care Coordinator visits clients at least once (sometimes more) every six weeks for a review and an assessment
  • Our Family Care Coordinator makes unannounced visits to the home and completes a checklist of expectations.
  • A report from the visit is shared with you and is also used in training and improving care.
  • We employ nurses and social workers that are involved with every client.
  • We have a nurse practitioner that is available to families navigating a tough healthcare system, or need specialized and intense attention.
  • We provide you with a Caring and Sharing Notebook filled with resources available to you or anyone facing a caregiving situation.

Free Consultation for In Home and Senior Care Services

We offer free consultations to help you and your family make the best caregiving choices for your situation. You can give us a call at 615•298•9201. We’re here to tell you more about our services and learn more about your needs.

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