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Don’t Contact Any Caregivers Until You’ve Read The Below 20 Questions to Ask Your In-Home Care Provider

As children, many of us played the game 20 questions, during which one player was allowed to ask another player 20 questions in order to guess an unknown object, person or place. I was pretty good at that game – often correctly guessing the answer way before my 20 questions were up. But when it comes to the care of our loved ones, the more questions the better. To get you started, here are 20 questions to ask your in-home care provider. Feel free to add to this list in the comments section below.

1. Is the agency licensed by the state?

2. Are caregivers bonded and/or insured?

3. Are caregivers employees or independent contractors?

4. Which types of services does the agency provide?

5. Do the agency offer transportation services?

6. Does the agency offer respite care?

7. Does the agency offer live-in care?

8. Does the agency offer care for patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia?

10. Does the agency provide care for patients with MS or ALS or other motor skills impairments?

11. Do clients need physician referrals before care can be provided?

12. Does the agency work with the client’s family and physicians to develop a care plan?

13, What type of documentation does the agency provide to family members?

14. Do caregivers receive regular immunizations for influenza, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, and other communicable illnesses?

15. How are caregivers screened?

16. Does the agency perform criminal background checks and state abuse registry checks?

17. If the caregiver is injured at a client’s residence, who is responsible?

18. What happens if the caregiver is ill or unavailable to work or leaves the agency?

19. Does the agency accept payment from insurance companies?

20. Does the agency offer a payment plan or other types of financial assistance?

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