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5 Ways Caregivers Can Make Cooking Fun

A caregiver discussing lunch with a senior

Caregiving is an all-inclusive occupation, which oftentimes includes managing the well-being of another individual, as well as managing their household and all of the responsibilities that follow.

A huge caregiver responsibility that incorporates both health and household is cooking. Preparing meals can be a dreaded task if you go into it with the wrong mindset. That’s why we have pulled together our BEST suggestions for making mealtimes more fun!

Five Ways Caregivers Can Make Cooking Fun!6 tips for caregivers about feeding seniors

1. Love Your Ingredients: Many nutrient-rich vegetables and protein sources offer great health benefits, including improved bodily functions, increased energy, boots mood, improves skin, and more! If you view food as all of the wonderful things it can do to help your loved one, it will set the tone for a fun, upbeat cooking experience.
2. Ask Your Loved One For Help: Cooking can be an enjoyable, collaborative way to get to know one another better. Working as a team cuts down prep time, as well as increases communication between both parties. If your loved one is willing and able, ask if they would like to help. It may be the most fun thing you do that day.
3. Have a Good Conversation: If your loved one is helping you cook, ask them about their favorite food, movies, books, music, or anything topic that holds their interest. If your loved one is not helping you cook, still encourage a conversation that keeps each party engaged and talking.
4. Play Music: Background music is a great way to have fun while cooking. Music can take cooking from a boring chore to a fun and upbeat culinary experience.
5. Try New Recipes: Sometimes, cooking becomes boring because we cook the same recipes over and over again. Try to mix it up experimenting with new recipes or by adding different flavors. By eliminating the repetitive nature of cooking, you can feel inspired to try new recipes and bring the fun back into cooking!

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