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5 Ways to Improve Your Monday

Caregiving can be an exhausting job. From physical, mental and emotional perspectives, caregiving can take a toll on one’s overall well being. Day in and day out, caregivers must be able to put their loved ones first and themselves second. Since we know that is not an easy task, we’ve made a list of 5 tips to start your week off right:


1. Have a sense of humor. Caregivers have to face mortality, memory loss and physical decline on a daily basis. Learning to find humor in the little things is a powerful tool for caregivers.

2. Make time to read a good book. Reading with or to your loved one not only provides as a source of entertainment, but also encourages mental activity and focus.

3. Take 5 and enjoy a cup of tea. Tea not only has health benefits but it also promotes relaxation and calming. Simply take 5 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea with your loved one and feel more relaxed throughout your day.

4. Focus on the positive. Try to focus on happy times you and your loved ones had together and work hard to create new memories.

5. Keep things in perspective. Caregivers juggle many different hats and tasks throughout the day. If the dishes go unwashed for the afternoon in order to make a doctors appointment on time, don’t worry about it. You do so much to help your loved ones, so focus on what you can do and not what you can’t.

Have a great day!

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