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Once You’re Done This Article You’ll Understand A Caregiver’s Role in Easing the Transition to Home Health Care

The Washington Post recently featured an article, Hospital Discharge: It’s one of the most dangerous periods for patients (click here for the full article).

The article sheds light on the complications that can occur during the transition from the hospital to home, the risk of errors to occur in the home care plan and the devastating affect this can have if the plan is not correctly coordinated by the health care team.

Medication confirmation and coordination is one of the critical components to ensuring the patient is safe and following the directives of the home health team.

We have seen this firsthand. We have been there alongside the patient after the second hospital admission to step in to help coordinate and understand the home care plan that will be in place because the client wasn’t safe the first time around.

We want to be there for you. Having a caregiver there with the patient and family who understands the care plan, the medications, the dosages as well as the symptoms associated with the medication and the recovery process is essential. Taking care of yourself or your loved one once home may seem daunting, but Caregivers by WholeCare is just a phone call away and can answer any questions you may have and be there for you. Call us today at 615-298-9201.

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