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Creative Ways To Create Lasting Memories for Alzheimer’s and Demetia Family Members

Looking for a creative and fun way to help jog the memory of patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia? One great resource for this is creating a customizable memory book. Memory books are picture journals designed to help orient and remind seniors about their family members, milestones in their life and similar themes. Each few pages can cover a different theme, based on preference. This is a great way for the family to come together, create a memory book for their loved one and bond over fond memories.


The question is: “How do I start?” The best materials to use for a memory book are either a large photo album with slots for each picture or a three-ring binder with color-coded construction paper for each different theme. For the binder, one can simply glue the pictures onto the construction paper and voila! You can really make the memory books as detailed or simple as you please.


Common pages of memory books include: family, birthdays/family parties, holidays, fun activities, hobbies & interests. Enjoy making the memory book and take the time to read it with your family to your loved one.


We challenge you to create a memory book for your loved ones this month! Feel free to share your experience with us on Facebook.


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