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Our Top Arthritis Care Tips Help to Reduce Pain and Improve Quality of Life


Did you know that arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States? According to the American Arthritis Foundation, more than 54 million Americans have arthritis. In addition, it is one of the most common diseases in the U.S. There are many different forms of the disease, affecting the joints and surrounding tissue. Although there is no cure for arthritis, there are many ways to manage the disease and help ease chronic pain. 

Arthritis Care Ideas That Work signs-of-arthritis

People diagnosed with arthritis have to learn how to accomplish their daily activities while also identifying ways to manage and cope with chronic pain. Our experience has shown that some minor adjustments can make a world of difference, such as:

  1. Sitting in chairs and furniture with armrests can aid when needing to stand up by providing more stability when getting into an upright position. 
  2. Balance once standing can also be challenging. Having a walker, wall, or sturdy piece of furniture to grip may help. 
  3. Supportive footwear is critical to balance and moving around safely. Additionally, arthritis can lead to foot pain and swelling. If possible, have a few different pairs of shoes (and sizes) that will best support your feet 
  4. A caregiver can offer support as symptoms progress with opening cans, tying shoes, buttoning shirts, folding laundry, and other daily personal care activities. 

Supporting Older Adults with Arthritisrisk-factors-arthritis

Unfortunately, osteoarthritis cannot be completely cured or reversed. However, there are ways to reduce the pain and difficulties that result from the condition.

  • Medications like Tylenol or NSAIDs can relieve pain
  • Physical therapy can reduce stiffness and improve mobility
  • Occupational therapy can offer alternative motions to avoid aggravating affected joints
  • Yoga, tai chi, and other gentle exercises can relieve pain and stress
  • Medical injections can relieve pain
  • Surgeries can protect bones or replace severely damaged joints

(Mayo Clinic)




megaphoneHome Care Tip

Seniors’ “feeling the cold in their bones” isn’t a joke. Cold weather can exacerbate osteoarthritis pain. Support seniors with arthritis by helping them stay warm and offering extra help with physical tasks when it’s chilly.

(Very Well Health)



Need Professional Help?

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