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senior couple having breakfast with female family member

Is It Time For In Home Care? Learn the Top Five Signs Care is Needed

We speak to families every day who have put off important conversations surrounding aging-in-place and the need for supportive care. […]
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candle in rustic wooden holder

Holiday Season Blues: It is a time of reflection on the many memories that make us who we are today

The holiday season is upon us. With it comes happiness, joy, festivities and fellowship with family and friends. For so […]
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sunflowers on table with pumpkin themed pitcher

Learn The Few Easy Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Thanksgiving While Still Enjoying The Wonderful Food And Festivities

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and soon there will be casseroles, desserts, snacks around all the time. With family […]
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foggy mountainside in morning with sun rising over far mountain

Wildfires Can Be Dangerous And Should Be Taken Seriously. Here’s Some Ideas To Handle Smoke

Over the last several days, Tennessee has seen a smoky haze and many residents have smelled the smoke from the […]
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elderly man holding head in hands, experiencing grief

Dementia Communication Struggles: Tips & Ideas for Caregivers

The progression of dementia varies with each person. Often, communication becomes difficult, and caregivers feel helpless and frustrated. These simple […]
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Fall Time Change Can Play Havoc With Sleeping Patterns. Learn Methods To Deal With It

It’s that time of year again! Spring is often the time change that affects people the most with the loss […]
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mom and daugther with arms around each other

National Family Caregivers Month

November is National Family Caregivers Month and is an opportunity to recognize and honor the more than 65 million caregivers […]
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health benefits of ginger

Reducing Inflammation with Spices

We all experience inflammation and discomfort throughout our lives. Some people experience chronic inflammation which is linked to conditions such […]
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"pile of different medication types and sizes "

Identifying strategies to help with medication management is crucial to keep your loved one safe

Medication management, especially when your loved one may be taking multiple medications simultaneously for varying conditions, is incredibly important to […]
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acknowledge care treatment

Caregiving and Depression: National Depression Screening Day

Today is National Depression Screening Day and is a perfect opportunity to continue to increase the awareness of mental health […]
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soldiers standing at attention in formal ceremony

It’s Time For Change To Come For Our Hidden Heroes Programs! That Why Attention Is Increasing for Military and Veteran Caregivers

Nashville was one of fifty-four cities announced this week (named “Hidden Heroes Cities”) by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to challenge […]
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aspen forest in the fall with sun shining through orange and yellow leaves

It’s Time For Those Fall Activities That Will Help Seniors and Caregivers Improve Your Mood And Decrease Your Stress Levels

The crisp, cool mornings and beautiful fall days have arrived. Along with the season comes many outdoor activities providing opportunities […]
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