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Author: Elizabeth Moss

Vitamin D written in vitmins on a yellow background
Older Adults in a Red car with a map
seniors at an indoor party socializing

How You Can Help Seniors Manage Seasonal Depression with Engaging Winter Activities

Beat Senior Seasonal Depression with Engaging Indoor Winter Activities During the winter months, depression can increase. For some seniors, depression […]
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a photo of an oldr adult being pulled on a red sled in the snow by an older man
a hand holding a paper cut out of lungs
a picture of the nutrition facts on a frozen meal box

Frozen Meals for Seniors: What to Avoid and How to Choose Healthy Ones

Seniors left to their own devices may begin to avoid the hassle of meal preparation altogether. Thus, making them vulnerable […]
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Thanksgiving Survival Tips for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Surviving Thanksgiving as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver Accepting the “new normal” associated with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be especially difficult during […]
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senior woman in a yellow sweater with a breast cancer ribbon on her chest
a senior woman indoors massaging her hands
a white paper cut out of a smile and the word Happiness floating below it

Learning How To Grow A Positive Outlook to Increase Health and Happiness – At Any Age!

Our minds are powerful tools for creating health and wellness. While studies haven’t identified exactly why a positive outlook makes […]
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professional cancer caregiver
Medicare Coverage
Heart Disease Caregiver

Three Tips for Caregivers of Seniors With Heart Disease

According to the American Heart Association, more than 37 percent of seniors, age 65 and older, have suffered a heart […]
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seniors does exercises to improve strength after stroke
Talking About Home Care