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The Hidden Costs Of Hiring A Private Caregiver For Your In Home Care Needs

The Hidden Costs Of Hiring A Private Caregiver For Your In Home Care Needs

Every day families come to the realization that they need supportive in-home care. Questions of affordability are often asked first. Hiring a private caregiver appears to make the most sense budget wise. That is why we put together this simple comparison chart to aid families in their decision. This chart will answer important questions such as:

    1. What are the hidden costs associated with private caregivers?
    2. What added responsibilities are families taking on when they hire a private caregiver?
    3. What protections do families give up by choosing to hire a private caregiver?

In-Home Care with an Agency vs a Private Caregiver

Benefits of Using Caregiver’s by WholeCare   Disadvantages of Private Caregivers


Caregivers by WholeCare is required by law to be licensed through the Department of Mental Health and Disabilities Personal Support Services Agency Licensing Office. Any individual caring for more than one client is to be licensed through the Personal Support Services Agency License.
Screening We perform a thorough screening process for every potential employee. This process consists of reference checks and background checks. Caregivers by WholeCare performs the following checks on every applicant:

Driving Record

Health Abuse Registry

Drug Test

Personal and Professional References

Families are required to do their own screening and reference checks on private duty caregivers which can be costly and take time to complete. Without these checks, your loved one is susceptible to people who may take advance of them mentally and financially
Protection Caregiver’s by WholeCare provides worker’s compensation, professional and general liability insurance, unemployment insurance, and bonding insurance. This protects you and our caregivers. You are responsible if the caregiver gets hurt while on the job.
Paperwork We take out federal taxes, social security and Medicare taxes. You are responsible for taking taxes out of any monies paid to the caregiver, or they are responsible for self-employment taxes.

Typically, independent caregivers do not have Social Security to draw upon in retirement.

Health We require an annual TB skin test of our caregivers.  
On-going Training We require caregivers to update their CPR/First Aid Training every two years.
Supervision Our caregivers are employees – not independent contractors. We use ClearCare’s home care software to track caregivers’ clock-in, out and track tasks by telephone, with these real-time updates immediately available to agency administrators via the home care system. You know if caregivers showed up on time and if they followed the care plan! There is no accountability in place for a person who does not have a manager or supervisor to report to.
Coverage We have a large pool of caregivers. If your regular caregiver becomes ill or has an emergency leaving them unable to come to work, we have backup caregivers in place. You are responsible for having a backup plan in the event the caregiver cannot come to work because of illness or an emergency.


We take great pride in matching our clients to the right caregiver for them. You are responsible for replacing the caregiver if they are not a good match for your loved one.

In conclusion, with an independent or private caregiver – you – the individual function as the agency and acquire all their responsibilities. We hope this comparison has helped you with your decision, but if you find you have further questions please call Paul at 615-422-7549 or visit our website to receive your free in-home care consultation.

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