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It’s Time To That You Have Fun With Caregiver’s Smile Factory: Silly Squirrel Edition

It’s the weekend again, Caregivers! That means you’ve successfully made it to the end of the week. If you had a bit of a hectic week, don’t worry, we know someone else who has, too! Here’s a silly squirrel who was blown away by his week (but like all you caregivers, he’s still focused on taking care of business) :

Our Caregiver Smile Factory posts are an ongoing joy jumper for caregivers. We know how stressful, demanding, draining, intense and emotional caregiving can be. That’s why we’ll be posting silly, fun, heartwarming, smile-creating posts. You deserve a smile!

We will feature funny animals, images, videos and quotes–anything that will brighten your day!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts for Caregiver Smile Factory. If you have any suggestions for silly pictures, let us know!

We hope this put a smile on your face! Have a great weekend!

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