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Caregiver Smile Factory: World Cup Edition (aka You’re Fabulous Edition)

It’s that time of year when most of the world goes crazy.

Crazy over soccer!

It’s World Cup time and we’re already down to a final epic battle between Germany and Argentina for bragging right on the world’s best soccer team for 2014.

So what does that have to do with caregiving? Well we saw the photo that we added to this post online. It was fun and silly, but also made us think – the perfect photo for a Caregiver Smile Factory post!

Here’s the thing. You are fabulous. You are a caregiver who puts someone else’s needs first. You take care of someone you love and are generous with your time. You give them dignity and the ability to age in place.

You win our World Cup for America’s Most Awesome Caregiver.

Now, that’s something worth smiling about!

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