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Caregiver Smile Factory

Caregiver Smile Factory: True Love Edition

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then every one of the words for this picture would be about love. […]
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Caregiver Smile Factory: Funny Asparagus Edition

May is Asparagus month. Imagine that! Asparagus is kind of funny, just because. But you know what kick’s up the […]
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Caregiver Smile Factory: Art of Being Silly Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the Caregiver Smile Factory. We want to discuss the art of being silly. So, […]
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Caregiver Smile Factory: Dance Edition

There’s something about music and movement. It frees the soul. It soothes the mind. It shakes the booty. We’re talking […]
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Expanded Family Edition: Caregiver Smile Factory

What’s your definition of family? We believe in an expanded definition of family. Some of us have furry family. Some […]
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Caregiver Smile Factory: You Rock! Edition

You are a caregiver. You take care of others. You lead with your heart. You sacrifice for those you love. […]
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Caregiver Smile Factory: Monkey Business Edition

What could be more fun than a cute little monkey? Not much. Except maybe an absolutely adorable monkey sticking his […]
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A Very Punny Edition of the Caregiver Smile Factory

We love a good pun here at the Caregiver Smile Factory. They’re very punny. You never know what might inspire […]
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Silly Babies Making Cute Faces.

Welcome to the Caregiver Smile Factory! As a caregiver you have a million things to take care of and the […]
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