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Organize and Declutter Now for Mental and Physical Health



Organize and Declutter for Mental and Physical Health

Over the years we accumulate many boxes of memories and keepsakes. The stacks of magazines and books we said we would refer back to and clothing we thought we would one day wear again. All these possessions eventually begin to feel like a weight around our necks. It’s time to organize.

It’s easy to understand why a cluttered home causes anxiety. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, clutter can increase frustration and confusion. Taking time to declutter will create a safer and less confusing home environment. Decluttering during the early stages of memory loss allows you or your loved one to take part. 

Clutter in the home creates safety concerns, such as:PlasticBins

  1. Missing medications 
  2. Lost valuables
  3. Fall risks

The task of downsizing seems daunting and rightly so. Jump in slowly by taking it one room at a time or even one stack of papers and magazines at a time. Organization and decluttering may take time and effort but is well worth it for the rewards.

Separate your items into groups:


Items that are no longer being used and unwanted by friends or family can be donated to local charities.

Offer/Give to Friends or Family 

You may have items you no longer need that family members have requested or shown interest in. A close friend may have admired a vase that you no longer have use for. Take this opportunity to gift these items and savor the joys of giving. 


Often, we have valuable items that are no longer useful to us and of no interest to family members. Contact a local estate agent or appraiser to review these items and help you place them for sale. 


What to keep? Take into account the space you have and the activities you currently engage in. Simplifying your possessions will simplify your life and the lives of those who care for you.

Bonus tip: 

It’s temptimg to start with the photo albums but leave them for last. Items like photos and mementos are full of beautiful memories. You don’t want to get derailed by memories before you start. The first order of business is to organize and declutter – begin with the big stuff and work your way down. 

Creating an organized and clean home reduces stress and anxiety. Now you and your loved ones will feel relaxed and comfortable at home.

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