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Help Checklists And Ideas Can Lower Stress When On Vacation. Here Are Some Caregiver Travel Tips

empty country road with fog

It may be a short road trip with the person you are caring for to visit friends, or you may be crossing state lines and traveling for many hours to reach your destination. No matter the length of your trip, as a caregiver, it is important to be prepared for the trip with your loved one. A few tips to remember can help make your trip easier and more comfortable.

  1. Let your loved one’s health care team know about your travel plans. They may have health-related recommendations for the trip.
  2. Remember to pack a bag with all of the medications needed for the trip. Consider packing a little extra in case you end up staying an additional night or get in traffic on your way home.
  3. Pack a small cooler of drinks and snacks. Packing water and juice as well as snacks or a meal can help keep nutrition in check.
  4. Stop for bathroom breaks and to stretch. For longer road trips, it is a good idea to stop at a rest area and stretch. Moving the body will help increase blood flow and reducing the chance of getting blood clots.
  5. Dress in layers. Have extra sweaters and clothing in the car so that you and your loved one are prepared for warm or cool weather as well as stopping for a break rain and wind.
  6. If your loved one has dementia, wearing an identity bracelet is recommended in case of wandering. Also, place a note in your loved one’s pocket with contact information.

Proper preparation for traveling can help reduce stress and make the trip more enjoyable.

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