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Helpful Ideas to Ease Caregiver Travel Stress

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It’s common for seniors to have some trouble getting around like they used to. So, it’s not surprising that
long-distance travel can be a real challenge. Whether it’s a short road trip to visit friends or traveling for many hours to reach your destination it is crucial to be prepared for the journey as a caregiver. Planning ahead is the best way to avoid travel stress for you and your loved one. We have the experience needed to offer helpful tips to make traveling with a loved one safer, easier, and as restful as possible for all involved.

6 Tips to Help You Avoid Caregiver Travel Stressa list of items seniors should take when traveling

  1. Let your loved one’s health care team know about your travel plans. They may have health-related recommendations for the trip.
  2. Pack a bag with all of the medications needed for the trip. Pack a little extra in case your flight is delayed; you end up staying an additional night or hit traffic on your way home.
  3. Pack a small cooler or bag of drinks and snacks. This small bit of planning ahead can help keep nutrition in check, avoid dangerous blood sugar crashes and temper flares.
  4. Stop for bathroom breaks and to stretch. Moving the body will help increase blood flow and reducing the chance of getting blood clots. These simple yoga poses are perfect for after a long flight. Our favorite is legs up a wall! 
  5. Dress in layers or carry extra sweaters so that you are both prepared for unexpected temperature changes. 
  6. If your loved one has dementia, wearing an identity bracelet is recommended in case of wandering. Also, place a note in your loved one’s pocket with contact information.


megaphoneHome Care Tip:

Seniors may have difficulty estimating their need for downtime or rest while traveling. Encourage them to make plans that can be flexible so they can enjoy their time away. Proper preparation for traveling can help reduce stress and make the trip more enjoyable.

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