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Experts At Caregivers by WholeCare Share Safety Tips for Elderly During The Holidays

Holiday Safety Tips

During the holidays, we have a unique opportunity to enjoy uninterrupted, quality time with our senior loved ones. And during these visits, we’re provided with the ability to ensure that our senior loved ones are not just enjoying the holidays, but they’re staying safe as well. These holiday safety tips from our Nashville home care team can help make sure everyone’s holiday is merry and bright:

Holiday Safety Tips for the Home

Decoration Guidelines:

In both the senior’s home and your own if your loved one will be spending some time there:

  • Set out basic decorations that won’t create clutter. There should be plenty of room to safely walk around the furniture.
  • Make sure extension cords are away from walking paths to reduce the risk of tripping over them.
  • Rather than lighting candles, place bright centerpieces of flowers or fruit, or battery-powered candle decorations around the home.

Lighting Guidelines:

Although of course, bright holiday lights are beautiful, be sure to keep these tips in mind when older adults will be in the vicinity:

  • Make sure that all areas of the home are well lit. Dim holiday lighting can make fall risks hard to see and make it difficult to move through the home safely.
  • Place nightlights in the bathroom and bedroom the senior will be using and check to make sure light switches are easy to access.

Floor Space Guidelines:

Holiday decorations can lead to increased fall risks for seniors during the holiday season, so make sure that:

  • Free floors from clutter.
  • Clear the sidewalks.
  • Arrange furniture with plenty of space for wide walking paths.
  • Place non-slip pads beneath rugs.
  • Keep pets out of areas where seniors will be walking.
  • Create an out-of-the-way space is designated for kids to play.

It’s important to address the specific care needs of older adults during the holiday season in order to make their home, or visits to your home, as fun and safe as possible. For more information on home modifications to help make the holiday season (as well as the rest of the year) safer for seniors, or any other in-home care services, contact the Nashville home care professionals at Caregivers by WholeCare. You can reach us any time by filling out our online contact form, or by calling us at (615) 997-1288.

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