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Caregiving & The International Day of Happiness

Yesterday was International Day for Happiness. That makes us joyful, downright giddy, definitely delighted, jovial, and filled with glee. In fact, we’re elated and jubilant. You might even say we’re blissful,  evidently euphoric and righteously rapturious.

Our cheerfulness is downright boundless. You know why?

Because we know how essentiel happiness is to well-being. We include happiness in the careplans we create for all of our clients. Our focus is on caring for the whole person, body, mind and spirit. That includes fostering happiness for both our clients and our caregivers that take care of them.

So, how do you achieve happiness?  Here are five simple ways:

1. Practice love, not hate
2. Let go of your worries
3. Give to others
4. Expect less
5. Simplify your life


Here’s a little video to put you in the right mood to celebrate happiness:

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