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Caregiver Smile Factory

The benefits of dancing for seniors and caregivers

Age Is Just A Number: Videos Of Seniors Doing Superhuman Things…

In our continuing series “Age Is Just A Number,” we’re featuring senior citizens across the globe accomplishing superhuman feats. At […]
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99 Year Old Pianist Irving Fields Still Tickles The Ivories

What makes you happy, might just make others happy, too! Take it from 99 year-old Irving Fields, who has been […]
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Every Day is a Fresh Start And a Chance To Try Something New.

Caregivers by WholeCare is back with the Caregiver Smile Factory post of the week to brighten your day! The theme of […]
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80 Year Old Shows Us His Moves While Dancing

It’s Monday again and we’re back with another fun Smile Factory tip! Mondays mean we have a whole week of […]
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You’ve Heard Them Say This And Now It’s Time To Live It… It’s Never To Late To Learn And Try Something New

Ruby Holt is just your average 100 year-old. Having lived a long and fulfilling life, raising kids and working hard, she […]
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It’s Time To That You Have Fun With Caregiver’s Smile Factory: Silly Squirrel Edition

It’s the weekend again, Caregivers! That means you’ve successfully made it to the end of the week. If you had a […]
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In Case You Ever Forget, You’re Great!

Caregivers, we would like to take a moment to remind you that you all are great! Aside from juggling your […]
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TGIF Right? Well It’s Also Time For Friday Humor

Whew! We’ve almost made it to the weekend, caregivers! In honor of all of your hard work this week, here […]
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Lighten The Mood With These 50s And 60s Tunes

It’s almost the end of the week and you’re ready for the weekend to begin! Add some fun to the […]
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Caregiver Smile Factory: World Cup Edition (aka You’re Fabulous Edition)

It’s that time of year when most of the world goes crazy. Crazy over soccer! It’s World Cup time and […]
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Caregiver Smile Factory: Dance Party Edition

Have you ever had a dance party in your kitchen? It could be better for you than anything in the […]
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Elderly husband and wife

Expanded Family Edition: Caregiver Smile Factory

What’s your definition of family? We believe in an expanded definition of family. Some of us have furry family. Some […]
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Caregiver Smile Factory: You Rock! Edition

You are a caregiver. You take care of others. You lead with your heart. You sacrifice for those you love. […]
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