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Character Traits We Can Learn from our Veterans

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This weekend is a time when we celebrate our freedom and honor the many veterans and active military who serve to protect our great nation. We recognize the sacrifices they have made and are appreciative to all of our military men and women who have given of themselves to protect our country.

Veterans return home from service having been a part of experiences most of us will never see, and we will never know all that our loved ones went through while serving. And, many may return with injuries, illnesses or long-term care needs. One thing all of our men and women return with is a common set of characteristic traits that were instilled in them and they carry with them throughout their life. In fact, if you think about the list, many civilians you know may not share these same traits. We can learn from our veterans!

Instilled in our veterans from their first day of service, these traits show the dedication of our armed forces and the life skills they are taught and carry with them long-after their active duty days. A few of the character traits include:

–       Dependability
–       Punctuality
–       Pride, Honor and Integrity
–       Respectfulness
–       Dedication
–       Confidence
–       Tenacity and endurance
–       Decision-making skills and the ability to confidently make decisions under pressure
–       Looking out for others and working for the betterment of the group

Thank you to our veterans for showing us life skills that we all can learn from. We celebrate you on this Independence Day.

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