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Elizabeth Moss – Our Founder and President

We’re excited about our Walk for ALS team! People support charities for lots of reasons. My reason for putting together our team is Marty Nord. I first met Marty at a CABLE (Tennessee’s largest and most established women’s networking organization) new member orientation. She made an immediate impact on me by challenging me to think about how CABLE connects women with opportunity. Because of her, I never forget CABLE’s mission.

Over time I got to know Marty a little more. She was always such a friendly, smiling presence. At an event a couple of years ago, she was in a wheelchair. When we spoke, she said she was going to need my services. She knew I was in the business of caregiving. That’s when she let me know about her ALS diagnosis.

Marty did eventually call and I went to assess her needs. I let her know that whatever the level of care she needed, we would be there to provide it. Since we’ve been caring for Marty, I’ve gotten to know her even better. I continue to be amazed at how she faces ALS with such grace and determination. Marty probably doesn’t even know what a mentor she has been to me.

As a way of honoring her impact, we put together a team for the upcoming Walk for ALS. Our goal is to raise $5000. With your help we can raise those funds to help find an effective treatment or cure for a devastating disease. For more information or to donate to our ALS team, please click this link!

From the Heart,
Elizabeth Moss, LPN

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