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Exercising with MS: Ideas for the Caregiver and Patient

Stretching Exercise For Senior Nashville TN

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is beneficial for your overall wellbeing and gets your blood flowing. If you have an illness, you may be concerned about identifying the best exercises for you that will help you feel stronger and manage your symptoms. If you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), exercises that help with balance, coordination, strength and weight management are all beneficial.

Consult with your health care team to identify the best exercises to help you safely increase your physical activity. Exercise affects everyone differently, so pay attention to how your body responds to the activity you have selected. You need to take it easy, listen to your body, do not let yourself get overheated and also keep in mind the medicines you are on and how they make you feel.

Here are just a couple ideas to get you thinking of ways to incorporate exercise into your weekly plan. But, as a reminder, it is critical that you consult with your doctor and/or neurologist before beginning any exercise program.

–  Water aerobics. is a great group exercise and wonderful way to meet new friends. Most local YMCAs or aquatic centers offer a number of water aerobics classes.
–  Marching in place. You can do this in in your own home; it will help with your balance and will strengthen your legs.
–  Stretching. Stretching your muscles daily is important for everyone. This daily activity helps your blood flow, helps with muscle stiffness and fatigue.
–  Adaptive Tai Chi. This activity allows you to focus on your breathing while doing slow methodical movements. You can easily practice Tai Chi in a sitting position.

If you have a day that you don’t feel like exercising, that’s okay! We all feel that way. Give yourself a day to rest. Consider a brain exercise on these days, such as Sudoku or a Crossword Puzzle.

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