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It’s Time For Those Fall Activities That Will Help Seniors and Caregivers Improve Your Mood And Decrease Your Stress Levels

aspen forest in the fall with sun shining through orange and yellow leaves

The crisp, cool mornings and beautiful fall days have arrived. Along with the season comes many outdoor activities providing opportunities to get outside to enjoy the fresh air. Below are a few activity ideas that seniors and caregivers can do together to soak up this beautiful season.

  1. Pumpkin patch and apple picking. Visit a local pumpkin patch or apple farm. It is a great way to walk around, get exercise and enjoy watching other people out also celebrating the season. Pick apples for your favorite family recipe. Or, pick out a pumpkin to decorate or carve.
  2. Walking. Visit a local park and take in the fall foliage or just walk in your neighborhood and enjoy the fall blue sky, the trees and the seasonal decorations on homes. Be sure to take along a light jacket in case you get cool.
  3. Arts and Crafts Festivals. During the fall months, there are many arts and crafts festivals. There are also opportunities for outdoor concerts and the final days of farmer’s markets. Plan to check out these outdoor options.
  4. Dine outside. Enjoying a meal outside is refreshing. Stay and play a game or work on a crossword puzzle.
  5. Fall foliage art. Identify a craft project that utilizes the beautiful fallen leaves, pecans, and pine cones. While out for a stroll to enjoy the changing colors, take a bag with you and pick out the leaves and other items what you will need for your craft project.

The beautiful fall temperatures are here, but the colder days are right around the corner. Talk to your loved one and identify fun outdoor activities that you can do together this fall. And, don’t take on too much. There are many enjoyable, low-impact activities you can do to celebrate the season.

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