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Looking for Foods To Boost Your Brain Function?


Research shows that eating certain foods can help strengthen seniors’ cognitive skills as well as the part of the brain that affects memory.

Try This Short List Of Foods To Boost Your Brain:


Researchers at the University of Cincinnati found that seniors who were given blueberry juice scored higher on memory tests than those who weren’t. Other research suggests that blueberries’ flavonoids can improve memory, learning, and cognitive functions, such as reasoning skills, decision making, and verbal comprehension.


The lycopene in tomatoes – approximately 4 milligrams per 10 grams of tomato paste — protects against free radicals, which damage brain cells. Preventing this damage results in better memory function, attention span, problem-solving, logic, and concentration.


Studies show that the chemical sulforaphane, which is found in broccoli, can help repair the brain after it has been damaged from trauma or an illness. Broccoli is also loaded with lignans, a phytoestrogen compound that boosts cognitive skills such as reasoning and vocabulary.


Recent studies have found that EPA and DHA — the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish — are linked to anti-aging protection for the brain. In fact, a UCLA study found that people who eat fish on a regular basis have “more voluminous brains” than those who do not— which can protect them from Alzheimer’s disease.

Getting adequate nutrition is important regardless of age. If your loved one is struggling with age-related senior nutrition obstacles, contact Nashville’s Caregivers by WholeCare at 615-422-7549. We can plan and prepare nutritious, delicious meals and help improve your loved one’s nutrition in a variety of ways!

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