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Happy National Grandparents Day from Caregivers by Wholecare


National Grandparents Day was started in 1973 by Marian McQuade who wanted to teach young people about the important contributions seniors have made throughout history. It was declared a national holiday by President Jimmy Carter in 1978.

More than 56 million grandparents now reside in the United States. For families, Grandparents Day is an opportunity to tap into the wisdom and heritage of our older relatives. Here are a few suggestions for celebrating Grandparents Day with your loved ones.

• Start a story project by recording some of your grandparents’ stories from their youth.

• Visit a historical museum together.

• Create a family scrapbook or work together with your grandparents to create a family tree.

• Invite your grandparents over for dinner and have family members cook some of Grandma’s favorite recipes.

• Spend the afternoon playing board games together or listening to music from both grandparents’ and grandkids’ generations.

• Get the family together to perform a “This Is Your Life” skit for the grandparents. The kids will have a blast reenacting moments from their grandparents’ lives.

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