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Health and Wellness

Enjoying Summer: Heat Safety Tips for Caregivers

The first day of summer is around the corner, and the hot days are already upon us. It is refreshing […]
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We Provide Transportation For All Your Health Care Appointments In Nashville TN Area

This week kicked off Men’s Health Month and is providing heightened awareness of men’s health issues and encouraging men to […]
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The benefits of dancing for seniors and caregivers
Stretching Exercise For Senior Nashville TN

Exercising with MS: Ideas for the Caregiver and Patient

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is beneficial for your overall wellbeing and gets your blood flowing. If you have […]
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Caregivers By Whole Care Mission

Three Tips for Caregivers of Seniors With Heart Disease

February is American Heart Month. According to the American Heart Association, more than 85 million Americans are living with some […]
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Want to be Healthier and Happier? Get a Hobby.

Research has found that hobbies are just as important as diet and exercise for good physical and mental health. Check […]
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Senior Companions

Three Ways Seniors Can Keep Their Minds Sharper

Good cognitive health is as important as physical health to keep seniors active, independent and happy. As we get older, […]
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Senior Dehydration

The ABCs of Medicare Open Enrollment

Navigating the web of Medicare plans can be a daunting, often frustrating, but necessary task. If you are a caregiver […]
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Three Tips for Spousal Caregivers

Caring for a sick or disabled spouse has unique challenges. The spousal caregiver is faced with juggling caregiving responsibilities – […]
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