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Honoring Michelle Jones

We love our featured caregiver, Michelle Jones. She works with our client, Marty Nord, who we are walking in honor of in the ALS Walk. Michelle was led to caregiving very organically through helping out her cousin who was caring for a woman. This experience sparked a natural instinct in her. She says, “I just love working for WholeCare. It is more hands-on and you are able to get more acquainted with the client.”

She talked about her client, Marty. She said, “I admire her spirit; Ms. Marty has a willing spirit. I admire how she has taken on her disease. I knew nothing about ALS before Marty, and now, I know a lot about it.”

From our perspective, it says a lot about Marty being a good self-advocate and about Michelle being an ideal caregiver. She likes to have fun and is a good listener.

Our office talks a lot about being grateful. What is Michelle grateful for? “Grandkids, kids, just life, period.” We are grateful Michelle is on our team!

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