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Keeping Pace with Alzheimer’s Disease

Even though there is still no cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, researchers continue innovative research that will lead to a breakthrough treatment.  Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine and neurosurgeon William S. Anderson, M.D. recently implanted a pacemaker-like device into the brain of an early-stage Alzheimer’s patient. The device, which has already been used to treat people with Parkinson’s disease, provides deep brain stimulation in the form of low-voltage electrical charges to boost memory and reverse cognitive decline. Wires connected to the “brain pacemaker” emit small electrical impulses 130 times a second. Patients don’t even feel the current, according to Paul Rosenberg, M.D. “This is a very different approach, whereby we are trying to enhance the function of the brain mechanically. It’s a whole new avenue for potential treatment for a disease becoming all the more common with the aging of the population.”

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