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How You And Your Loved Ones Can Continue Living Your Life With Chronic Pains

Identifying ways to cope with chronic pain will allow you to find moments of relief from your ongoing discomfort and improve your quality of life.

Think about what you enjoy doing. Incorporating a few activities that you enjoy into your daily life can help redirect your attention from your pain for a little while. Activity ideas include coloring, puzzles, reading, board and card games, crafts, painting, gardening and listening to music.

Relaxation is also an important coping skill for chronic pain. Listening to music, deep breathing and meditation can help you relax and hopefully reduce the discomfort. Learning to relax will not happen overnight. It is a skill that may take time to learn, but practicing can help focus the attention away from your pain. There are websites and free apps available to guide you and provide relaxation techniques.

Biofeedback may also be used to teach you how to focus on your body, listen to the pain and release the tension. This technique uses a special machine to help you learn to release muscle tension. Once you learn the keys to managing your heart rate and releasing muscle tension, you will be able to practice this technique on your own, without the use of the machine.

Other tips for living with chronic pain include reducing stress, limit alcohol, avoid smoking, eat a healthy diet and consider massages.

As you learn to live with chronic pain, joining a support group will provide an opportunity to meet others going through similar experiences. Hearing how they cope and sharing stories may provide you with ideas for how you can also distract your mind from the incredible discomfort.

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