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Making the Home Safer for Seniors

Many seniors want to live at home, remaining independent as long as possible. There are simple modifications that can be made to not only make make day-to-day living easier but to make the home safer for seniors.

10 Simple Ways to Increase Home Safety for Seniors:

 lighter bottles


Laundry detergent bottles are heavy. Consider splitting the detergent into smaller bottles to make it more manageable.

add carpet for non-slip surface





Hardwood stairs can be slick. Consider installing a low-pile carpet on the stairs to avoid slipping. Also consider socks with grip on them.


staple or tape down rugs






Rugs can slide out of place or not lie flat on the ground. These can be trip hazards and need to be stapled or taped down.

install grab bars - safer for seniors


Grips Bars

Add grip bars in bathroom. Towel bars can loosen and are not as sturdy as grip bars. Add grip bars in the shower and by the toilet to help your loved one balance.

change bed height for seniors





Bed height

Can your loved one get in and out of bed easily? Removing a box spring or adding one can help adjust the height to make it easier.

Motion sensor lights for outdoor safety




Outside motion lights

Adding motion lights around the home will help provide light when going outside in the early morning or evenings.

pill organizer for senior saftey





Keep the medications organized and in a safe place for your loved one. Click here for more information on medication safety.

emergency contacts lists for seniors




Emergency Contact Numbers

Keep a list of emergency contact numbers, contact names and medications on the refrigerator and in other key places for easy access.

nightlights for seniors







Light up hallways and main traffic areas with nightlights

Fire Safety for Seniors




Fire safety

Ensure the smoke detector batteries are changed regularly. Also, consider battery-operated candles instead of real candles. It is easy to forget that you may have lit a candle, but there are battery-operated candles with a timer on them that can be purchased and used throughout the home.


Helping a loved one stay independent and safe in their own home, for as long as they can, is well worth the effort. If you would like more tips and tricks check out our blog post on Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors or give us a call for a free in-home assessment at (615) 697-4244.

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