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It’s Time To Eat! But Sometimes You Need Meals On A Budget. So Here Are Nutrition Friendly Alternatives.

Many seniors today use delivery services, such as Meals on Wheels. For the days when Meals on Wheels can’t deliver or your loved one simply wants something different to eat, it’s important to have healthy options on hand. If your loved one does not utilize a meal delivery program, we have a solution for you!


If you’re looking for healthy meals to make quickly & inexpensively, look no further! Here is a week’s worth of meals that you can prepare in just one day:

Preparing meals ahead of time can prove an effective way to ensure your senior is eating well-rounded meals every day of the week. Choose one day of the week and prepare a week’s worth of meals and snacks for your loved one that will keep in the refrigerator or freezer.

Saving time and money, weekly meal preparation is a useful tool to provide nutritious home-cooked meals!

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