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Medicare Marketing on the Horizon

Many thanks to the Council on Aging of Greater Nashville for this alert:  The Open Enrollment Period for Medicare, including Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Benefits) and Medicare Advantage Plans, has started. That means that seniors will be receiving information on the many available plans.  Seniors should stay alert for information that will be mailed about possible changes to their current Medicare plan. 

Some Tips:

  • Get started early.
  • Pay attention to your mail: some may be ads, but some may relate to changes in your existing plan.
  • Review the cost of premiums, deductibles and co-payments for 2013
  • Review the coverage of your plan, including medications covered
  • Review your plan’s convenience(restriction to certain medications, quantity limits, prior authorization needed, restrictions on which pharmacy you can use)
  • Consider if your plan is responsive when you have a question.
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