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Identifying strategies to help with medication management is crucial to keep your loved one safe

"pile of different medication types and sizes "

Medication management, especially when your loved one may be taking multiple medications simultaneously for varying conditions, is incredibly important to keep your loved one safe. How many milligrams? How many times a day? How many times per week? What are the side effects? Do you take with a meal or at specific intervals over the course of 24 hours?

The answers are different for every person and may change as your loved one’s health care team observes any changes or side effects from the prescribed medications. Identifying strategies to help with medication management is crucial to keep your loved one safe.

A few questions to consider as you look for the best way to manage the medicines are:

  1. Does your loved one have a medication dispenser? There are many different types of dispensers to help patients remember to take their medications.
  2. Does the dispenser need to be locked?
  3. How often does your loved one need to take medication per day?
  4. Are there non-oral medications needed (shots or creams)? Where will these be kept and how often do they need to be administered?
  5. Does your loved one need a reminder to take medications?
  6. Does your loved one need assistance filling the dispensers to ensure it is done correctly and consistently?
  7. Is there a family member, friend or caregiver who lives close that can assist in medication management?

There are a number of medication management systems that can be used including the dispenser, apps and reminder watches. It is also important for a family member or caregiver to have a complete list of all of the medications, the reason for each medication, dosage information, pharmacy contact information and doctor contact information.

Caregivers by WholeCare is here to help with medication management. Contact us today at 615-298-9201 to discuss how we can help you and your loved one.

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