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On the Move

by Barb Batson

Movement activity is important to the well-being of those living with chronic diagnoses and to their family caregivers. That’s why it’s wise to talk about staying fit with your primary care physician before mobility is impaired. Movement activity every day is key to regaining, and sustaining wellness for every BODY. You should always seek out a certified exercise professional to stay on the move.

Group exercise classes are available for those with special needs. These classes (some at no cost) provide the benefit of safe exercise and the fun of joining others on the move. The Arthritis Foundation has land and water-based exercise classes. The American Parkinson Disease Association offers local classes for those living with PD. New You is a water exercise class for those preparing for or recovering from surgery and for those living with MS, PD, arthritis, diabetes, HBP, cancer recovery and more.

Personal training is the answer for those who need one-on-one help with exercise. And movement in the water is an excellent choice. It’s zero-impact, the buoyancy of the water raises the limb higher, and the resistance of pressing back down increases strength. Choose a certified, medically-based fitness center like the Dayani Center (www.dayanicenter.org) at Vanderbilt to maximize safety and assure the presence of a trained support team.

GET UP AND MOVE! Need help getting started? Contact Barb Batson, certified group exercise instructor: barbatson@gmail.com or 615-789-6608.

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