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Quality In-Home Care: Relationship & Accountability

Relationships. This boundless word holds great power. Treaties made, businesses built, and careers started all because of relationships. Some turn out to be great blessings, producing a lifetime of friendship and joy; others don’t render such pleasurable results. As well-known motivational speaker Anthony Robbins notes, “The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”

Caregiving and relationships are closely interwoven. Trust, compassion, and integrity are at the heart of caregiving and relationships. Choosing a caregiver involves these elements. Whether a neighbor two doors down or a friend from church, finding a caregiver is, logically, a relational choice. Hiring a friend, versus a company, will likely be less expensive? Risks? Yes. Unfortunately, as you’ll soon discover, paying a bit extra will enhance your relationships… the old adage, “You pay for what you get!”

Most home care companies have a hiring/ HR process that includes screening, training and supervising of employees. Criminal background checks, credit checks, reference checks, Driver’s License verification, drug screening, TB testing, and proof of citizenship should be baseline requirements for companies to ensure security and peace-of-mind for their clients.

In addition to a detailed, accountable hiring process, home care companies handle all of the hidden costs, legal obligations, and employer responsibilities. From providing needed equipment to withholding income taxes, home care companies take on all of the important business obligations, which are still required with an independent, private caregiver. For a complete list of hidden cost, legal obligations, and employer responsibilities, turn to our website.

Caregivers by WholeCare greatly values relationships. If you currently have a solo caregiver or have someone in mind but don’t want to deal with all the many administrative obligations, we’d love to help. Call our office at 615-298-9201 for more information.

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