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Nashville, TN 37215

Renee Hanserd, Caregiver

“We were very fortunate five years ago when Renee Hanserd joined our team as a caregiver. Renee was born a caregiver, as she raised her sisters and cousins by herself. She has never taken a day off in the past 5 years, is never late, and is always willing to pitch in to help the team serve families.  Once a family has Renee into their home as a caregiver, they always want her back. Debbie Crowley, our Family Care Coordinator says, “I wish I had 10 Renee’s working for us. I’d let her care for me, for my Mom, or anyone else in my own family.  She’s just that good.” When asked why she got into caregiving, Renee simply says, “I like people.”

She likes working for WholeCare because, “the staff are (is) friendly and helpful.” She is most grateful in life for her children. Her motto is, “If there’s someone to take care of, that’s just what I do.”  We are proud and honored to have Renee on our team.”

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