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Senior Excercise

helping seniors build healthy habits
Summer Adventure with Seniors
Senior Fitness

Caregivers By WholeCare’s Senior Fitness Strategies, Regardless of Activity Level

Regardless of age, the advantages of remaining physically active far outweigh any obstacles encountered, and it’s vital for older adults’ […]
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Flexible Caregiving
staying active
The benefits of dancing for seniors and caregivers

Five Free Labor Day Activities for Seniors and Their Families

The long holiday weekend offers an opportunity for multigenerational families to spend some quality time together. Whether it’s sitting down […]
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Age Defying Accomplishments With Women That Just Rock

Continuing our series highlighting the age-defying accomplishments of seniors from around the globe: Yvonne Dowlen, 89-year-old competitive figure skater who […]
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It’s Time To Eat! But Sometimes You Need Meals On A Budget. So Here Are Nutrition Friendly Alternatives.

Many seniors today use delivery services, such as Meals on Wheels. For the days when Meals on Wheels can’t deliver […]
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Pets Can Improve Your Health!

Caregivers, listen up! Did you know that having a pet helps improve mental and physiological health in a number of […]
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Stay Active And In Shape With Group Fitness for Seniors

Looking for ways to build community, be a part of a group and get active? Group fitness for seniors provides […]
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Lighten The Mood With These 50s And 60s Tunes

It’s almost the end of the week and you’re ready for the weekend to begin! Add some fun to the […]
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