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Smart Technology for Independent Living

Smart home technology and emergency mobile devices can help older adults age in place safely and comfortably. Technology is often the first step in the caregiving continuum because it provides remote caregiving and maximum independence.

WholeCare understands that for most people their goal is to age at home. Caregiving supplemented with smart aging-in-place technologies allow seniors to continue to enjoy independent living activities at home for longer periods of time.

We’ve partnered with Electronic Caregiver so that our clients can easily choose a technology package that works seamlessly with their individual care needs. Electronic Caregiver has created a national technology platform that transforms Senior Lifestyles. Electronic Caregiver makes simple technology work smarter for seniors and their families.

The system connects appliances and devices throughout the house to create a non-invasive view of activity in the home. Technology includes ambient sensors, detectors, automated locking, shut-off and convenience technology.

WholeCare’s new Electronic Caregiver home-alert safety net is now the most advanced supplement to in-home care available in Middle TN.

The technology provides custom lifestyle support to make things simpler, more convenient, and safer for the residents without disrupting their daily routine. The result is peace of mind, and faster response time if an emergency arises. Also, each resident selects a dedicated Electronic Caregiver-employed Ambassador- the individual’s go-to contact. This pseudo “concierge” is a real-life problem solver, activity coordinator and social connector.

Emergency Mobile Alerts & RX Technology

We also offer state of the art emergency mobile alert systems and electronic medication management systems. We have several technology packages to choose based on the individual needs of the client.

Free Consultation for In Home and Senior Care Services

We offer free consultations to help you and your family make the best caregiving choices for your situation. You can give us a call at 615•298•9201. We’re here to tell you more about our services and learn more about your needs.

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Caregiving supplemented with smart aging-in-place technologies allows seniors to enjoy independent living for longer.