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The Home Care Experts at Caregivers by WholeCare Answer Your Questions about Home Care During a Pandemic

Home Care During a Pandemic

In-Home Care is a vital piece of the Senior healthcare system. The emergence of COVID-19 raises new questions and concerns about how to balance senior independence, safety, and the importance of physical distancing during quarantine. Caregivers by WholeCare offers answers about home care during a pandemic. 


Why is Physical Distancing Important?Home Care During a Pandemic

WHO and the CDC have stated that physical distancing (also called social distancing) is a critical tool in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Seniors are particularly at risk of serious complications after contracting COVID-19 for a variety of reasons, such as:

Many families are now faced with the dilemma of trying to provide support and care for a senior they love without coming into physical contact with them. During this unprecedented time, the best way to way to provide home care during a pandemic is an In-Home Caregiver. This will keep your senior safe at home.


Is an in-home caregiver a safe option during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, Home Care Agencies have greater control over safety protocols and the ability to offer COVID-19 specific training. Caregivers following these stepped-up safety protocols can allow seniors to safely quarantine at home.


What specific protocols are WholeCare Caregivers following? 


Following CDC/WHO COVID-19 Guidelines – Practicing physical distancing by staying 6ft away from clients whenever possible, proper and frequent handwashing, disinfecting high-use surfaces regularly.

Universal Precautions – Universal precautions is an approach to infection control to treat all human blood and certain human body fluids as if they were known to be infectious

Wearing PPE – WholeCare is supplying Caregivers with gloves, N95 masks, eye protection, and in some cases gowns.

Logging Temperatures – We are supplying our caregivers with thermometers and requiring them to take their temperatures daily before leaving home for their shift. They report their temperature to the office and log it on their temperature form. If their temperature is normal, they proceed to their client’s home and log their client’s temperature upon arrival.


My Parents want to quarantine alone but I want to know they are safe. How do we find a compromise?

WholeCare has launched two new technology resources to help our clients get the care and support they need during this time of “social distancing” while also helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19. These tech resources are the perfect balance for families who wish to respect and maintain independence while also providing safe, affordable support.


Electronic CaregiverHome Care During a Pandemic

WholeCare is the first home health company in Middle Tennessee to be a master care partner of Electronic Caregiver solutions. Through Electronic Caregiver, we provide home care monitoring services, a physician on demand, activity detection, medication management, and caregiving support tools for families. 

WholeCare offers the following Electronic Caregiver services on a subscription basis for clients starting at $49 per month:

  • pocketMD™ includes a water-resistant wrist pendant, 24/7 physician on-demand to assess and respond to common ailments and send a prescription to a pharmacy. This is a critical resource when you may not be able to travel to see a doctor.  
  • FamilyCare App sends and receives important notifications and monitors vitals.
  • Rapid Response Monitoring provides 24/7 protective services with a stay-on-the-line feature during emergencies and certified emergency medical dispatchers.
  • Addison Care voice-activated and tablet-based virtual caregiving system that monitors vitals, detects fall risk, provides comprehensive interactive support for rehab, medication management, and nutrition support.  

The cost of Electronic Caregiver services is now covered by Medicare. It is important to set this up now for your family and have 24/7 access to telemedicine as part of an emergency response for home care in a pandemic. If you have further questions or would like to enroll in Electronic Caregiver, call Paul at 615-422-7549.


WholeCare Connect AppHome Care During a Pandemic

The WholeCare Connect App makes it easy to request support from friends and family as you care for your loved one. Or to become part of a care team for a friend or neighbor. Think of WholeCare Connect as a private Facebook for your support circle; use it to keep everyone up-to-date or share help requests for things like meal preparation, running errands, and even respite care. Your family and friends can volunteer to help with the push of a button. This 60-second video shows how it works.

You’re invited to try WholeCare Connect by installing it on your iPhone. It’s completely free and we believe it will be useful for you and your family. Use this code 4SAL


megaphoneHome Care Tip

A big part of the WholeCare vision is to be the expert and resource you rely on for aging in place. If this blog post has brought up questions that we didn’t answer we encourage you to contact us – we can help! Call: 615-422-7549 or Email: info@wholecareconnections.com

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