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Sensible Methods To Keep Elderly Safe During This Halloween Season

pumpkins carved for halloween and lit up with candles

Jack o lantern carved pumpkin sitting on brick wall at night

With all the constant door knocking and masked visitors, Halloween night can be an intimidating and even scary time for seniors living alone. Check out these tips to help seniors have a safe and sound Halloween night.

  • Leave your porch light on even if you are out of candy or not giving out candy at all. A well-lit house will dissuade vandals and troublemakers.
  • Don’t invite strangers into your home. Politely deny requests to use your phone or restroom and give out candy on your front porch and not inside your house.
  • Ask a neighbor or younger relative to be a Halloween helper to help give out candy.
  • If you’re not mobile but still want to give out candy, ask a neighbor for help and leave a note on your door for trick-or-treaters that says “Treats for this house are being given out next door.”
  • Avoid driving, but if you do, be extra cautious when driving through neighborhoods and watch for small children who may be too excited to watch for traffic.


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