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Understanding the Continuum of Care

What is Continuum of Care?

Healthcare needs fall along a spectrum. These needs will ebb and flow throughout your lifetime. Choosing an in-home care company that can meet you where you are as you journey along the continuum of care is essential.

Why is the Continuum of Care Important?

WholeCare practices an integrated, holistic approach to caregiving. We believe, and our experience has shown, that caring for the WHOLE person – Body, Mind, and Spirit – leads to better care and increased satisfaction. That’s the WholeCare Difference!

Why Client’s Turn to WholeCare When in Need

Aging is an entirely individual process for each person. That’s why every client deserves a personalized plan of care that supports sustained independence and dignity. Our mix and match approach ensures that clients receive the right level of service – at the right time.

Whether you are in the planning stages of aging in place or need ongoing supportive care, WholeCare’s knowledgeable staff will guide you toward sustained independence with:

  • Supportive Technology
  • Non-Medical Caregiving
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Special Programs

A wealth of experience informs WholeCare’s fully customizable line of services. Our thoughtful approach to home care meets each client where they are – easing their journey along the continuum of care.

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Current Services Listed on the Continuum of Care



Parkinson’s, ALS, or other Neurological Diseases

We have extensive experience providing care for those with neurological conditions. ALS, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and more – we’ve got answers.


We believe in keeping seniors social. Our Companion Care program provides a helping hand with a smile.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Our core values ask caregivers to meet clients where they are and commit to their journey. We can help.

Returning Home After a Stroke

We offer specially trained caregivers for post-stroke recovery. Our supportive care plans will give you needed stability during your recovery journey.

Daily Living Activities

Our safe and reliable transportation service offers a helping hand to those who need it. With Door-through-door service, our Care Pilots provide much more than a “lift.”

After Surgery or Hospital Stay

We offer an extensive range of post-surgery home care options for clients. Our highly trained caregivers will help you transition smoothly from hospital to home.


Respite Care provides a much-needed break for family caregivers. Recharge and practice self-care; our trustworthy and dependable caregivers have got you covered.



Same Day Surgery

Federal Law now requires that same-day surgery patients have a designated caregiver to remain with them during the procedure and to drive them home after surgery. You can’t go it alone – call us.

Eye Appointments

Tired of trying to struggle through a drive home from an eye appointment after your eyes have been dilated or dyed? Let us get you there and back – no hassle necessary.


Relax. You have a ride to treatment and back home, safely.

Hospital Releases

Are you moving into a residential facility and need a ride to your new location? There are times when a move is traumatic for older adults. Having caregivers with them through the transition softens the change of environment.

Moving from Home to a New Community

Federal Law now requires that same-day surgery patients have a designated caregiver to remain with them during the procedure as well as drive them home after surgery. Don’t try to go it alone – call us.



Electronic Caregiver

Electronic Caregiver™ is an affordable service that can stand alone or act as complement to our caregiving services. This advanced technology extends client independence with features such as:

  • Personal Emergency Response and Home Monitoring Services
  • Physician on Demand
  • Activity Detection
  • Medication Reminders
  • Caregiving Support Tools

Special Programs

Family Meetings

We facilitate Family Meetings to allow seniors and their family members to plan and discuss openly goals and preferences surrounding aging-in-place.


Knowledge is power. That’s why WholeCare offers specialized educational programs to prepare our caregivers as well as a wide range of informational presentations to the community.

Resources in the Community

Caregivers By WholeCare has been a part of the Greater Nashville Community since 1997. Over the years we have built partnerships and made contacts that we share freely with our clients. You can review a few of those resources here.

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