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Walk to Cure Arthritis Is May 16

Did you know arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States? Did you know more than 50 million adults suffer from arthritis, and by 2030, an estimated 57 million people will be diagnosed with arthritis?

A few other facts:
Among adults with arthritis, nearly half have at least one other disease or condition.
• 57 percent of adults with heart disease have arthritis.
• 52 percent of adults with diabetes have arthritis.
• 44 percent of adults with high blood pressure have arthritis.
• 36 percent of adults who are obese have arthritis.

Caregivers by Wholecare is proud to participate in the 2015 Walk to Cure Arthritis. The walk will be held May 16 at Centennial Park. For more information about the Walk to Cure Arthritis or to donate, contact Katie Pickens at [email protected], or call 615-806-8538. You can also visit

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