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Elizabeth Moss, LPN – Founder and President

Welcome Spring!

As Spring arrives, we have many things blooming around our office including a newly created service – Care Advocates. We notice many of our clients face challenges in managing the health care system. We are excited to introduce this service. A Care Advocate is your health care champion in helping manage and navigate the tangled and complicated health care system for your loved ones. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by this system? Do you feel like you aren’t heard or that you can’t keep it all straight? We have a Nurse Practitioner that begins with an in-depth 9-Domain Family Assessment. A plan of action is created that can empower the family or can be managed for the family to advocate through any health care situation. Our services can be incidental or long term to assist in preventing hospitalizations. If you or your family can benefit from Care Advocates, please call us!

From the heart,

Elizabeth Moss

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