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You are Not Alone: Grieving a Loved One’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

elderly man holding head in hands, experiencing grief

Sadness, anger, grief, guilt, feelings of loss and abandonment. These are all normal feelings when a loved one’s Alzheimer’s is progressing. Watching the disease take away the person that you love is incredibly difficult, and it is okay and completely normal to grieve.

Initially you may be in denial and have a hard time thinking about the future and what it may hold as the disease progresses. The progression of Alzheimer’s is different for each person but the feelings you have during this time are many of the same emotions as others who are also caring for a loved one with this diagnosis. In so many aspects of our life, if something isn’t going as planned, we just “fix it”. This “fix it” mentality may also surface with a loved one’s illness. You want to make it better. You may feel anger towards yourself, and question what you could have done or wish you could do more to help your loved one right now. Acknowledge your feelings…every single feeling (positive and negative).

And, remember you are not alone. So many people are walking the same path as you. There are many support groups in communities throughout our country that provide a forum for you to listen, share and connect with other people who are experiencing the same loss and grief because of Alzheimer’s.

Caregiving for a person with Alzheimer’s is very demanding, and Caregivers by WholeCare is here to help you during the different stages of the disease. Contact us today at 615-298-9201 to learn more on how we can be a part of your support team as you walk this path with your loved one.

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